Friday, January 18, 2019

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: '65 Love Affair (1977)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) The first line of this song is, "I was a car hop." Car hops used to take orders and bring diners food to eat in their cars. Today, the drive through lane has pretty much replaced car hops. Think about the last time you went to a fast food restaurant. Did you order at the counter or at the drive through window?

I usually order at the counter because I don't have a car at the moment. I live within walking distance of several places THANKFULLY. I remember Sonic Drive-In doing the skating thing for a while but then they took it away... and they will bring it back... and take it away. 

2) Mr. Davis sings that his girlfriend was "bad with her pom-poms." Presumably she was a cheerleader. Share one of your school's cheers.

Um... ok I hated Cheerleaders cause I was lead trumpet player in the Marching Band and they would start one cheer while we were instructed to do another... but still... I remember our one cheer being ...
"Go Go Go Dallas County, Go Go Go Dallas County, Go Go Go Dallas County, LET'S HAVE A PARTY TONIGHT.... WOOOoOO!" 
Yea, they kinda sucked.

3) The lyrics tell us he believes that if he could go back in time, his girl would still be his. If you could travel back in time to your high school years, what would you enjoy doing again? What would you do differently?

I think I would enjoy being involved in the music department again but I would concentrate more on grades from OTHER courses more.

4) During his performing days, Paul Davis sported a full beard and flowing hair. We're using that to check your powers of observation and recollection. Think of the last man you spoke to. Who was he? Describe his hair, and tell us whether he was clean shaven.

My Jimbo. Who ironically just shaved his beard (yesterday). Right now he has black hair with grey running through it, and stubble. In a few weeks his stubble will grow into a full on beard. I like him either way.

5) Paul Davis was born in Meridian, MS, and that's where he returned to when he went into semi-retirement in 1982. Meridian's biggest employer is the Naval Air Station in Meridian. Do you know anyone who is currently in, or employed by, the military?

NO. I don't. My Dad was a Vietnam Veteran who served until he was wounded in action. He also had Agent Orange dropped on him while in 'Nam. It made his health worse and also transferred to me too.

6) He was a pool player and a golfer. Which sport are you better at?

I am good a pool but I kick ass at golf.

7) Sadly, he died in 2008, on the day after his 60th birthday. His best friend remembers him as "a homebody," who enjoyed staying up long into the night with his friends, playing and listening to music. Describe your perfect way to spend an evening.

I love a good meal, sitting back, watching a good movie. That's a great evening.

8) The publishing rights to "'65 Love Affair," as well as Paul Davis' bigger hits ("Cool Night" and "I Go Crazy"), are owned by another Paul -- Paul McCartney. Sir Paul's MPL Publishing Company has made him a very rich man, and Paul says that's because he chose to invest in music, something he loves. What about you? If you were to invest in a business or industry you love, which would you choose?

Probably movies and/or music. Maybe animals. I think I could do really good in all 3.

9) Random question --You're at a party and one of your host's best friends is a real egghead who tries to draw you into a conversation about paradigmatic counter existentialism. Would you: a) just listen politely while letting your mind wander; b) admit you don't know what the hell he's talking about; c) explain why you personally feel that the counter existential paradigm just adds unnecessary complexity to the individual's search for meaning?

I would probably be doing c because I am a smart ass especially if it's a friend who knows me and they are drawing me into a conversation I know nothing about. I will call them out on it every time. I don't do that shit to them but they've done it to me.

Friendly Fill-Ins

1. ____________________ and ______________ go hand in hand. 

2. _____________________ makes my heart happy. 

3. Don’t be afraid to _________.
4. If _________ was a sport, I would win hands down.

My Answers:

1. Netflix and a nice warm blanket go hand in hand

2. Kitties makes my heart happy.

3. Don't be afraid to be yourself. (It's your greatest strength).

4. If sitting on your ass was a sport, I would win hands down.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

ESO: We are going to ELSWEYR!

It was announced on the 15th...

#SeasonoftheDragon... and now the Elder Scrolls Online's NEXT expansion...


Official Trailer ----> HERE!

I am so excited. As you can tell. LOL.

 a different kind of dragon than in any other Elder Scrolls game

The Dragons have returned to Tamriel. Unleashed upon the world by the unwitting Abnur Tharn and the Imperial usurper queen Euraxia, the great Kaalgrontiid and his followers hunt from the skies and threaten to burn down the ancestral home of the Khajiit.

Explore all 17 different types of Khajiit 

Elsweyr is packed with new stories, adventures, and challenges, including:

A whole new zone to explore: Elsweyr
An epic main story quest line that ties into the Season of the Dragon
A powerful new Class: Necromancer
A challenging new 12-player Trial: Sunspire
Massive new world events: Dragon Attacks
A huge amount of unique delves, public dungeons, and stand-alone quests
A host of updates and quality-of-life improvements

control the UNDEAD

This is going to be the most ambitious thing ESO has ever undergone. I am so excited as an ESO veteran.

I've played MissKittySoftPaws since ESO began. It's time to RETIRE her. Yes. Sadly, I have made the choice to retire her and only use her for fun things here and there, she won't be PERMANENTLY gone but it's time to give her some time off. She'll get to see Elsweyr don't worry. Just need to let her have a breather for a while ... especially since the new girl is in town.

What new girl????

I will INTRODUCE her at a later time... you'll just have to be patient.

Jone & Jode - the Moons 

I want one of these as a PET option.

When I started the NEW game with my NEW character I got this...
BOOBIES IN MY FACE. Thanks. Great new beginning.

It's true when you die, you can't take it with you.

I look forward to Elsweyr and all the new stuff. Come join us if you want. MARTHARULES on xbox live.

Khajiit must go now. Lots to see, do... steal.

Thursday 13 &
Both Host a Thankful Thursday Variety so visit these wonderful people!

Martha's Thursday 13

1. Thankful for my Jimbo doing everything he can and does for me.

2. Thankful for distractions on Netflix like Grace & Frankie.

3. OMG So thankful for the NEW stuff coming to Elder Scrolls Online. We get to go to the Khajiit homeland of Elsweyr. I am SO excited.

4. Thankful for my cats ... saw online where someone was walking in an alley and heard mewing. There were 4 boxes with 3 or 4 cats (grown ones) in each. Who could be so barbaric. Hugging my 11 extra tonight.

5. OK I shouldn't be eating this. I am thankful for hot fries by Cheetos.

6. Dr. Pepper, I am thankful for you and your ability to make me feel better.

7. Thankful for free stuff I win ... damn I'm lucky.

8. Thinking about opening up my own SPIRITUAL ADVISER business. I am pretty accurate with readings and so on... so why not?

9. Thankful that I am stronger than my asthma... especially when it decides to make my lungs as heavy as ELEPHANTS.

10. Thankful for waking up every day.

11. Thankful for my friend Amy (I say that just about every time but I mean it. She's freaking awesome).

12. Thankful for memories that make me smile.

13. Thankful to be able to blog with you all and express myself.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A change has begun.

Recently when I eat something... I get sick.

I am noticing my body rejecting the "BAD" for me food... and my tastes are changing again. I wonder how many people out there have gone through something similar?

It scared me at first because I am a survivor of a heart attack at 34. When Mom and Dad died the next year I just pretty much gave up caring what I stuffed in my body. Food was food. I figured you have to die of something, a saying my Grandaddy said quite often.

Now... my body isn't craving chocolate anymore (unless you count pudding or ice cream), it doesn't want FRIED anything, and it is moving past the "FATTY" foods as well.

Suddenly find myself looking at pictures of grilled chicken salad (which I love, btw) and staring at those luscious photos of avocados, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

I don't want to DEPRIVE Jimbo of the foods he loves... that why I still cook like I do. But I am eating less and less of that stuff, craving more healthy options suddenly.

We shall see where this path leads me. I will update when there is news.

Sunday Stealing

1. The strangest place you've ever been.
I got lost in a labyrinth of old dirt roads once.

2. Unusual food combinations you enjoy.
Spaghetti O's with Cream Cheese on the side

3. Your best cure for hiccups.
Drink Water Upside Down

4. Something you have never done but would like to try.
I doubt I could because of ASTHMA but I always wanted to SCUBA DIVE

5. A routine you do every day without fail

6. Something new you've recently learned.
That essential oils are TOXIC to felines and some people (esp. those with asthma and other respiratory illnesses).

7. Your keenest sense.
My intuition.

8. Whether you prefer cooking or cleaning up.

9. Where were you the last time you saw the sun rise.
Front Porch of old rental house Jimbo and I had to sit outside because our landlord ILLEGALLY cut the lights off and we had no power in the HEAT of 2018 so we sat outside.

10. A recent time you were embarrassed.
I embarrass myself if I step outside this apartment by just looking the way I do. That's why I don't.

11. An everyday sound that delights you.
The meows of my cats and rain.

12. The last conversation you had with a stranger.
About my tattoos. It's ALWAYS about my tattoos.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Friendly Fill-Ins

1. Better to be ____________ than ___________________-.

2. Don’t _______________ just because ________________.
3. You couldn’t pay me to _________.
4. _________ is my comfort food.

My Answers:
1. Better to be alone than with fools.
2. Don't lie just because you can. 
3. You couldn't pay me to be in the same room with a Kardashian.
4. Ice Cream is my comfort food.

Feline Friday

Well for my FIRST Feline Friday I am posting this picture. 

BEHOLD ... kitty butt butt.

Lily Watching CATFISH. She loves that show.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

I don't have anything deep and meaningful to share.

It's little moments like this sharing ice cream with Bama that mean the world to me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Thursday 13

1. Ok seriously, This government shut down is really childish. It's all temper tantrums and I think everyone in Washington D.C. needs to grow up.

2. can suck a fat one, they took money out of my account then wouldn't ship my package. Then they refunded the money but put the package on HOLD to ship out when the money CLEARED in my bank ... it was all messed up. Needless to say, I am thinking that perhaps Amazon and I are no longer friends and I should shop elsewhere.

3. Damn you Bethesda for teasing me and my fellow ESOFAM. #SeasonoftheDragon . Really? Bring it.

4. What makes me sad about Bethesda is I know how GREAT they truly are with story and game play but it gets hard to defend them when they release things like FALLOUT 76. I can't deny that damn game has problems.

5. I want to start reading again. Thing is... I am picky and being on SSI I am kinda, well, low on funds to start doing it again. 

6. I bought 2 new fountains for my kitties. One looks like a Ying Yang. Strangely that's the one they are favoring. 

7. I need to take better care of myself.

8. Subway foot long Oven Roasted Chicken Breast with tomato, cucumber, mayo, and black pepper.... I missed you.

9. One hour and a half on hold to talk to Social Security office. Really?!?!

10. My apt. complex management is falling apart. Sad to watch how when one person quits everything is in CHAOS. 

11. Dear Meesa, I love you my sweet boy quit humping every cat girl we have. We will be getting you fixed. I PROMISE!

12. Kitty play time sure has gotten fun with all the dingle balls, mice, and laser lights. 

13. Sometime this year I have to go to the eye doctor and the regular doctor. I wish I had a car.